• 5 Şubat 2020 Erken Kayıt İçin Son Tarih
  • 24 Ocak 2020 Bildiri Son Gönderim Tarihi





Promicrobials and Probiotics: Thinking outside the box

Prevention of plaque related oral diseases such as periodontitis and tooth decay has been primarily based on plaque removal in combination with the use of an antiseptic containing toothpaste and/or mouth rinse. Additionally, for the treatment of periodontitis, antibiotics are often used as adjuncts. Although it is well known that antibiotic resistance by bacteria is a worldwide societal and economic problem, evidence is emerging that the same holds true for antiseptics. Moreover, antiseptic resistance developments also seems to result in antibiotic cross-resistance. Therefore there is an urgent need for alternative treatments that do not rely on antimicrobials. A decade ago, promicrobial therapies have been introduced in oral health care. Since most plaque related oral diseases originate at least partially from a dysbiosis within the dental plaque biofilm, restoring the microbial homeostasis by using beneficial bacteria such as probiotics has shown potency. However, other therapies such as prebiotics and bacterial predation might open new preventive and treatment options. This lecture will focus on the problems resulting from indiscriminate use of antimicrobials and the introduction of different pro-microbial therapies.

Prof. Dr. Wim Teughels